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Rough River Youth Development is committed to building character and strengthening lives of children and  youth one child at a time by providing quality education, stable home environment, and opportunities for spiritual, physical, and mental growth.

Who We Are

Located in the scenic rolling hill country of Breckenridge County, KY, near Rough River State Park, RRYD provides a quiet and peaceful setting, perfect for children and youth, ages 5 to 17, needing  a more structured environment for spiritual, mental, and physical growth. 

Our goal is to help children and youth and place them in:

1.- Rough River Youth Ranch for youth from 10 years old and up who their parents are struggling with their behavior and need a better structure and a Christian enviroment.

2.- Rough River Childrens Home for children 5 years old and up whos parents, grandparents or guardians  cannot meet their needs, before they get in the foster system. This part of the project is in progress and our goal is to build 10 houses and have form 4 to 6 children in each home.

3.- Rough River Independent Living for youth who had age out of the foster system, youth ranch or children's home and need a place to gain their independence, be accountable, continue with college education, get a job, and build healthy relationships.

Our facilities include family-style ranch houses, an 11- stall horse barn with an indoor training/riding arena.  Our school, Bethel Christian Academy, adjacent to the ranch, educates boarding and day students in grades pre-K through 12th grade.

Residents are taught the necessity and importance of being a part of a family as they help with daily chores in the ranch houses. They also learn to help in the kitchen, clean in the house, launder their own clothes.

Through our Agricultural Program residents will learn to take care of a  barn, mow and tend the lawns, plant and harvest a  garden, and care for the ranch animals. As they work, our children and youth benefit from learning the satisfaction of accomplishment and pride in a job well done.

Leisure time activities can include hiking, fishing, camping or horseback riding with our staff on the six-mile hiking/ equestrian trail beginning near one of our ranch houses.

Staff and residents attend Bethel Fellowship Church on Sunday morning and Wednesday evenings.  The ranch and school are staffed by persons of fine Christian character and integrity, who have vast experience and training in ministry to today's children and youth. Please contact us for further information.

We are not a therapeutical facility and we expect parents to be in contact with their children by phone calls, mail, visitations and vacations during school breaks, unless the children are placed in our Rough River Children Home.


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