10 Reasons why it’s better to evict a marten instead of trapping it

Have you ever had a marten in your home or garden? If so, you probably know how difficult it can be to catch him and get rid of him far away from your property. There is a better solution – to simply drive the marten away. Here are 10 reasons why this is the best choice.

First of all, trapping martens is a time-consuming and costly affair. It requires special equipment and the help of professionals. In contrast, evicting martens is much easier and can be done by almost anyone.

In addition, martens can be injured or panic during the capture process and cause damage. However, by just driving them away, you minimize the risk to the marten and to your property.

Further, trapped martens can quickly occupy new territories and drive away or even trap other animals. However, if you evict them, they will remain in their natural habitat and not affect the ecological balance in the area.

See the text below for more reasons why evicting martens is a better choice.

Reason 1: Protect the peace of the house

Martens are known to make loud noises and can cause damage to buildings and vehicles. If they take up residence in a home, it can lead to serious problems. One way to avoid that is to evict the marten instead of trapping it.

One important reason for this is to protect the peace of your home. If a marten is in the house, it can not only cause damage, but also cause fear and inconvenience. Trying to catch it yourself can also be dangerous, as martens are known to be aggressive animals. So, it is better to hire a professional pest controller who can drive away the marten.

By having the marten evicted, you not only protect the house, but also the people and animals that live in it. You can avoid unnecessary injury and damage by having the marten professionally evicted.

  • Bottom line: it’s better to have a marten professionally evicted to ensure the protection of the peace of your home and the people and animals living in it.

Reason 2: Minimize health risks

Another reason why driving martens away is safer than trapping them is the potential health risks. Martens can be carriers of diseases and parasites that can be transmitted to humans. These include rabies, leptospirosis and other infections.

Trapping a marten carries a higher risk of transmitting a disease or being injured. Having a wild animal cornered can cause the marten to defend itself and attack.

In contrast, driving a marten away directly minimizes the risk of coming into contact with it. Professional marten repellent can help avoid the infection and injury process.

  • Minimize contact with wild animals
  • Avoid injury and infection
  • Professional marten repellent minimizes the risk
10 Reasons why it's better to evict a marten instead of trapping it

Ultimately, the best way to minimize health risks is to hire a professional marten repellent company. You have the expertise and equipment to quickly and safely evict the marten while minimizing the risk of injury and infection.

A cost-effective solution: drive away martens instead of trapping them

Marten infestations in the home and garden can result in major economic losses, including damage to electronics, insulation, wiring and more. Professional hunter control can be very expensive, especially given that different species of marten require different methods of control.

Evicting martens is a cost-effective alternative to expensive trap transports and procedures. A marten repellent is a one-time investment that can result in significant savings, even with frequent use.

However, traditional methods of driving martens away are often sufficient and a far more cost-effective option. There are many do-it-yourself tips, such as.B. Spreading repellents, sealing potential entrances and setting up ultrasonic devices, which can also be effective.

  • The result? A cost-effective and simple solution that is even better at effectively repelling martens compared to the hunter’s hat method.
  • With a marten repeller or other tricks, you can get rid of the unpleasant presence of martens on your property and protect your property from further damage.

Reason 4: Consider livestock protection

There are legal regulations that govern the protection of martens and their nests. If you trap or injure a marten, you may be breaking these laws and therefore committing a crime. It is therefore important to respect wildlife conservation and use alternative methods to repel the marten.

Conservation also means that removing a marten and its young from their lair is an interference with nature. It can cause disturbance in the ecological balance and put other animals in danger. By evicting the marten, all parties involved remain unharmed and nature can remain in its natural state.

It is also better for ethical reasons to disperse the marten rather than trap it. Martens are wild animals and have the right to live in their natural environment. When you capture a marten, you take away its freedom and expose it to an unnatural environment. Its chances of survival in the wild can be severely reduced as a result.

  • Consider inventory protection
  • No interference with nature
  • Respect for wildlife

Effectiveness and sustainability: reason 5 why you should expel martens

When it comes to getting rid of a marten, there are several different approaches. Some people trap the animals and release them in another place. However, this method has some disadvantages.

  • Time and effort required: catching and releasing martens requires a lot of time and effort. It is necessary to set up a trap, catch the marten and then transport it.
  • Stress and suffering: captivity and transport can be very stressful for the marten and cause it suffering.
  • Lack of effectiveness: there is a possibility that the marten will re-establish itself in the living area if the causes of the problem are not addressed.
10 Reasons why it's better to evict a marten instead of trapping it

A more effective and sustainable solution is to evict the marten. This can be achieved through various methods, such as the use of equipment that produces unpleasant noises or vibrations.

By driving away the marten instead of capturing it, not only is time and effort saved, but also the animal’s well-being is ensured. It is also a more sustainable solution, as the causes of the marten taking up residence in the home can be addressed.

So, if you have a marten problem, you should think about driving the marten away instead of capturing it.

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