10 Times when brandy’s braids were absolute hair goals

10 Times when brandy's braids were absolute hair goals

When we think of iconic hairstyles of the 90s, various styles come to mind, but there is one particular hairstyle that has achieved cult status among many women: the braids of Brandy Norwood. She became known especially for her role as Moesha, where she styled her box braids into different looks. But not only in the series, also in her personal life she has proven time and time again that her hairstyle is an absolute eye-catcher.
Here are 10 moments when Brandy Norwood’s braids reached their full potential, making her an icon on the hairstyle scene. Both on the red carpet and on the street, the singer has proven that her braids are an absolute eye-catcher. Get inspired by all the different styles Brandy has created with her box braids.

Ten times when Brandy’s braids were hair goals

In the 90s, Brandy Norwood’s braids were an absolute trend. The singer was known for her signature hairstyle and has inspired girls all over the world.

Brandy wore her hair in different ways, but one of her most famous styles were her box braids. She wore them in different lengths and colors. It wasn’t uncommon for her to adorn her braids with various accessories and jewelry.

10 Times when brandy's braids were absolute hair goals

On the red carpets Brandy’s braids were always a feast for the eyes. She often wore her braids up with a touch of glamour. She made fashion history with her confidence and style.

  • Whether in her music videos or on stage, Brandy’s braids have always caused a stir. She was not only a singer, but also a fashion icon.
  • Brandy showed that braids don’t have to be an everyday hairstyle, so she left a lasting impression in hair history.
  • It’s no wonder that even today women all over the world try to style their braids the way Brandy did in the 90s, because her braids are timelessly beautiful and inspiring.

Brandy’s braids remain legendary to this day and proved that hair is an important part of personal style.

Brandy’s braids: 10 times they achieved hair goals

The 1997 MTV Video Music Awards was a memorable night for Brandy, especially in terms of her hairstyle. She wore her signature braids, but this time they were longer and more tightly braided than ever before. This was the look everyone wanted – her braids were the perfect example of hair goals.

But that wasn’t the only time Brandy achieved hair-goals with her braids. Here are 10 times when her hairstyle was the talk of the town:

  1. 1994: Brandy just had her breakthrough with her debut album and her braids. She was the face of a new trend and everyone wanted to copy her hairstyle.
  2. 1996: For her film “The Long Walk Home” Brandy wore short braids that perfectly matched her character. She looked stunning and proved that braids of any length can be a great hairstyle.
  3. 1998: Brandy wore blonde braids at the 1998 Grammy Awards, showing she could be bold and still look good.
  4. 1999: Brandy parted with her braids and presented a short bob hairstyle that rocked her perfectly. This look proved that Brandy loves to experiment.
  5. 2002: At the Essence Awards in 2002, Brandy wore a cute short hairstyle with bangs, proving once again that she can wear any kind of hairstyle and still look stunning.
  6. 2004: Brandy had braids again and this time they were straight and beautifully evenly braided. Her look at the NAACP Image Awards was perfected and showed that she still achieves hair goals after all these years.
  7. 2006: Brandy wore pigtails with bangs at the 2006 MTV Video Music Awards and looked stunning in them. She proved that braids can be a versatile hairstyle.
  8. 2008: Brandy wore a high ponytail at the 2008 BET Awards that perfectly matched her outfit. The look made it clear that Brandy can achieve hair gala even without braids.
  9. 2012: Brandy wore her shoulder-length hair straight and perfectly coiffed at the 2012 Soul Train Awards. She proved that she could not only wear braids, but also master other hairstyles.
  10. 2019: Brandy wore short, wavy hair at the 2019 BET Awards, proving she’s still a hair icon who can rock any look.

Brandy’s braids at the Grammy Awards in 1999

The Grammy Awards in 1999 were a special event for Brandy Norwood. Not only did she win in the category “Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal” for her song “The Boy is Mine with Monica, but also her distinctive look with the braided pigtails became a top trend.

Since then, Brandy’s braids have become a classic and signature style for black women. The singer wore her braids in different sizes and styles, from thin and fine to thick and large braids. Her look also influenced other stars, such as BeyoncĂ© and Alicia Keys, who reinterpreted the braid style in their own way.

  • 1. Soul Train Awards in 1995
  • 2. MTV Video Music Awards in 1996
  • 3. Grammy Awards in 1999
  • 4. BET Awards in 2002
  • 5. VIBE Awards in 2003
  • 6. BET Honors in 2010
  • 7. NAACP Image Awards in 2013
  • 8. Essence Music Festival in 2013
  • 9. Soul Train Awards in 2016
  • 10. Billboard Music Awards in 2018

Brandy’s braids have endured through the decades and continue to be a trend in the fashion and beauty world today. It’s impressive to see how a simple hairstyle became a symbol of cultural significance and identity for black women.

Ten times Brandy’s braids became a role model

Brandy Norwood, the successful R&B singer and actress, is famous for her distinctive braids. Through her music videos and performances, she has inspired style icons around the world and set hair goals that still don’t fade today.

  • In her legendary music video for “The Boy Is Mine”, which she recorded together with Monica, Brandy wore her braids with bangs. The combination of braids and bangs was a resounding success and was often imitated in the fashion world.
  • Brandy wore her braids in a voluminous updo at the MTV Video Music Awards in 1996. This was another example of her experimental hairstyles, which often encouraged other girls to follow suit.
  • On the cover of her second album “Never Say Never” Brandy had these braids with golden tips. The image dominated the music scene and became a symbol of the R&B culture of the late 90s.
  • In the movie “I Still Know What You Did Last Summer” from 1998, Brandy played the role of Karla Wilson and wore her pigtails in many scenes. They became an integral part of her figure and inspired many girls to do the same.
  • In the music video for “What About Us?” from 2002 Brandy had her braids braided into a sophisticated side braid. It was a modern look that perfectly matched her impulsive personality.
  • At the Grammy Awards in 1999, Brandy wore her braids into a high-ponytail with a side parting. It was a classic hairstyle, but still carried her personal touches.
  • In the movie “Cinderella From 1997, Brandy played the role of Cinderella and wore her braids to a high, classic hairstyle. It was a sophisticated look that drew admiration from fashion and film critics.
  • At the BET Awards in 2004, Brandy wore her braids in a cool, low braid that still had plenty of volume and texture. It was a fashion statement that resonated long after the event was over.
  • In the music video for “Put That on Everything” From 2000, Brandy wore her braids into an asymmetrical, layered bob. It was a progressive look that delighted her fans and drove the fashion trend of the early 2000s.
  • On the cover of Vibe magazine in 1998, Brandy wore her braids in a sophisticated high knot that perfectly matched her dress and personality. It was a moment in pop culture that would be long remembered.

These are just a few examples of the years-long history of Brandy’s hairstyling innovations. Although she hasn’t worn braids in a long time, she’s still a role model for fans and fashion experts around the world.

Here are 10 times when Brandy’s braids were hair goals

At the 2012 BET Awards, Brandy Norwood stopped the red carpet as she wore her iconic braids. It wasn’t the first time the singer inspired the world with her hair. Here are 10 more times Brandy’s braids were hair goals.

  1. The Moesha Years: Brandy wore her signature braids during her sitcom era, which became a trademark of her identity.
  2. The ‘I Wanna Be Down’ Video: In her debut ‘I Wanna Be Down’ video, Brandy rocked her braids with confidence and a bright smile.
  3. Billboard Awards 1995: Brandy accepted the award for best newcomer with her classic braid look.
  4. The ‘Sittin’ Up in My Room’ Video: In the soundtrack to ‘Waiting to Exhale,’ Brandy had her braids in high ponytails in this video, which became a popular style.
  5. The ‘Moesha’ Theme Song: Brandy’s braids were an integral part of the iconic theme song to her sitcom ‘Moesha’.
  6. The Grammy Awards 1999: For her performance at the Grammys, Brandy eschewed her braids and debuted a short, layered cut – showing that her beauty was just as strong without braids.
  7. The ‘Top of the World’ Video: In her hit video ‘Top of the World,’ Brandy wore her braids in a casual, loose style that made the look easy to emulate.
  8. Essence Music Festival 2010: Brandy wore her biggest braids at this performance – more than fifty braids were braided to create a feast for the eyes.
  9. The ‘Full Moon’ album cover: Brandy’s long braids and her sensual full lip on the album cover to ‘Full Moon’ were a signature look of the 2000s.
  10. The BET Awards 2020: Recently, Brandy’s braids returned to their original size as she performed at the BET Awards 2020 and conquered the internet with her radiant look.

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