Advantages and disadvantages of dkb travel insurances

Travel is one of the best ways to explore new places and relax. But no matter how good the planning, something unforeseen can always happen. Exactly for this reason a travel insurance is necessary to cover possible risks. Deutsche Kreditbank (DKB) is one of the banks that offers travel insurance. The DKB travel insurances offer many advantages, but there are also some disadvantages that need to be considered.
DKB is known for its low-cost offerings and travel insurance is no exception. Compared to other insurers, DKB’s rates are often cheaper and still offer good coverage. The DKB travel insurances offer a variety of benefits, for example medical assistance abroad, accident or luggage insurances. In addition, there are also special offers, such as annual insurance for frequent travelers.

Advantages and disadvantages of DKB travel insurances

In today’s world, it is important to protect yourself from the risks of travel. One possibility for this is the DKB Reiseversicherung. But as with any insurance, there are advantages and disadvantages that should be weighed up.


  • Comprehensive protection: DKB travel insurance includes not only the usual insurances such as travel cancellation or travel interruption insurance, but also international health insurance as well as insurance for luggage and accidents.
  • Transparent costs: DKB provides transparent information about all costs of travel insurance, so there are no unpleasant surprises.
  • Simple processing: In the event of a claim, the settlement of DKB travel insurance is quick and uncomplicated.


  • Only for DKB customers: DKB travel insurance is only available to customers of DKB Bank. So those who do not have a customer relationship with DKB have to take out cover elsewhere.
  • Limited benefits: Some benefits of DKB travel insurance, such as travel health insurance for certain countries, are limited and require prior consultation with DKB.
  • Higher costs: The costs for a DKB travel insurance are sometimes higher compared to other providers.

So it’s important to weigh up the pros and cons of DKB travel insurance. Those who are already customers of DKB and are looking for comprehensive travel protection are well advised with DKB travel insurance. However, if you are looking for a cheaper provider or do not have a customer relationship with DKB, you should look at alternatives.

The advantages of DKB travel insurance

DKB travel insurance offers numerous advantages that are particularly helpful when traveling abroad. One of the biggest advantages is the flexible design of the insurance packages. Customers can individually choose from different benefit modules and thus adapt their insurance to their personal needs.

Another great advantage of DKB travel insurance is the fast and uncomplicated help in case of damage. The insurance company is available around the clock and supports customers in medical emergencies as well as in the event of theft or loss of travel documents.

In addition, DKB travel insurance offers good value for money. The costs for the insurance are comparatively low, while the benefits of the insurance are comprehensive and far-reaching.

Advantages and disadvantages of dkb travel insurances
  • Flexible design of the insurance packages
  • Fast and uncomplicated help in case of damage
  • Good price-performance ratio

All in all, DKB travel insurances are a good choice for all those who want to enjoy their trips abroad carefree. Thanks to the numerous benefits and comprehensive coverage, customers can concentrate on their trip and do not have to worry about the unexpected.

Disadvantages of the DKB travel insurance

Despite numerous advantages and positive customer reviews, there are also some disadvantages of DKB Reiseversicherungen. One of the biggest drawbacks is limited insurance coverage. In some cases, additional insurance is needed to ensure comprehensive coverage. Customers should keep this in mind when planning their trip and booking their insurance.

Advantages and disadvantages of dkb travel insurances

Another disadvantage is the limited scope of the DKB travel insurance policies. In some countries, such as the USA, special insurances are required. If clients want to travel in such countries, they should carefully research insurance options.

Another disadvantage is the limited services for certain incidents. In some cases, customers must pay some of the costs themselves or there are certain exclusions that are not covered by the policy. This can lead to unexpected costs and possibly disappointment.

  • So, to sum up, there are also some disadvantages to choosing DKB travel insurance. Customers should consider these when booking and verify that their travel needs are fully covered.

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