Management of the company changes

Christine Pohlmann, long-time managing director of the company, hands over the baton to her successor Vivian Wetschera after 23 years of service. Pohlmann has led the company since its founding and has made it a successful and respected operation.

Wetschera, who had been a successful manager in a similar company for several years, now takes over as head of the company, continuing her career path consistently. She is regarded as an experienced and ambitious entrepreneur and is already well networked in the industry.

The company’s employees welcome the change at the top and are excited about the future. The handover of the baton will go smoothly, as Pohlmann has already trained her successor over the past few months.

The company is optimistic about the change at the top and is confident that Wetschera will ensure the company’s continued successful future.

How it all began: The founding years of Christine Pohlmann

Christine Pohlmann founded her own company 23 years ago, laying the foundation for a successful career. Even then, she knew she wanted to turn her passion for fashion and design into action. With a lot of motivation and perseverance she started her own company in the heart of Berlin.

At the beginning it was not easy for her. She had to compete in a fiercely competitive market and beat out major competitors. But Christine Pohlmann was not discouraged and worked hard for her dream. With her exceptional designs and creative vision, she was able to quickly establish her company and secure a place for herself in the industry.

Today, after 23 years, they can look back on a successful career. She has received numerous awards for her work and her designs are at home on the catwalks of the world. But now it’s time for a new chapter in her life. Christine Pohlmann passes the baton to her successor Vivian Wetschera and enters her well-deserved retirement.

The legacy of Christine Pohlmann

Christine Pohlmann, founder and longtime director of the non-profit organization “Kinder in Not e.V.”, steps down after 23 years at the helm of the association and passes the baton to her successor Vivian Wetschera.

Under Christine Pohlmann’s leadership, the association has carried out numerous projects and aid campaigns for disadvantaged children in Germany and around the world. Particularly close to her heart was offering children from poor families better prospects for the future.

Christine Pohlmann’s legacy is not only the successful work of the association over the past decades, but also the values and ideals she brought to the work of the association. This includes compassion, commitment and the unshakable belief that everyone can help to make the world a better place.

Vivian Wetschera, the association’s new chairwoman, is following in big footsteps. But she has already proven that she can continue Christine Pohlmann’s work in a worthy manner. As a long-time supporter of the association and a successful businesswoman, she brings important experience and contacts with her to further advance the association and to help even more children.

Christine Pohlmann’s legacy lives on – in the work of the association and in the conviction that everyone can contribute to creating a better world with commitment and compassion.

Taking over the baton from Christinen Pohlmann!

After 23 years, Christine Pohlmann has passed the baton to her successor, Vivian Wetschera. Vivian Wetschera is now responsible for fulfilling all the requirements of the position.

There are many expectations for the new successor of Christine Pohlmann. She has to learn quickly how to do all the tasks associated with her new position. This includes the planning and organization of important public events.

  • The good news is that Vivian Wetschera is an experienced candidate who is familiar with the challenges her new position will present.
  • Thanks to her experience and know-how, she is perfectly suited to succeed Christine Pohlmann.

So Vivian Wetschera’s new responsibilities are quite extensive, but she has the team and the skills to handle it all successfully.

We are sure that Vivian Wetschera will be a great successor to Christine Pohlmann and we wish her the best of luck in her new task!

The passing of the baton at Pohlmann’s Catering

After 23 years of successful work, Christine Pohlmann hangs up the wooden spoon at Pohlmann’s Catering and passes the baton to her successor Vivian Wetschera. Pohlmann’s Catering has been one of the city’s leading catering companies since it was founded.

Christine Pohlmann was instrumental in the development and growth of the organization. Under their leadership, the company received numerous awards and became known for its innovative cuisine and quality. Vivian Wetschera, who has years of experience in event management and catering, has big shoes to fill, but has already prepared for her new role.

“I am excited to take over a company with such a successful history”, says Vivian Wetschera. “The team at Pohlmann’s Catering has done an impressive job over the past few years and I look forward to continuing the tradition and leading the company into the future.”

  • 1. Years of experience in event management and catering
  • 2. Willing to preserve tradition and lead the organization into the future
  • 3. Innovative cuisine and quality in the catering industry
  • 4. Successful company with numerous awards and high profile

Vivian Wetschera will continue to offer customers culinary diversity and first-class service and lead the company into a successful future.

The future of the organization

The world of organizations is changing. A new chapter begins with the handover of the baton from Christine Pohlmann to Vivian Wetschera. What will the future of the organization look like under the new leadership?

The organization is expected to evolve under the new leadership. New ideas and visions will come into focus and complement the work done so far. It will be important to keep the needs of customers and partners in mind and to respond quickly to changes in the marketplace.

One possible focus of the new leadership could be on digitization. The use of technology and digital media could make the work of the organization more efficient and faster. Wise use of data could help automate certain processes and facilitate decisions.

Management of the company changes


  • The organization under the new management will evolve
  • The needs of customers and partners are crucial
  • Digitization could be a focus
  • Data can help automate processes and facilitate decisions.

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