Traffic salvage lane: when every second counts

Who does not know it? The siren of an emergency vehicle sounds and traffic on the highway comes to a standstill. But how do you behave correctly in order to make room for the rescuers??

Every second counts: Quickly forming a traffic rescue lane can save lives and enable emergency services to reach the scene of an accident quickly.


Advantages and disadvantages of dkb travel insurances

Travel is one of the best ways to explore new places and relax. But no matter how good the planning, something unforeseen can always happen. Exactly for this reason a travel insurance is necessary to cover possible risks. Deutsche Kreditbank (DKB) is one of the banks that offers travel insurance. The DKB travel insurances offer many advantages, but there are also some disadvantages that need to be considered.
DKB is known for its low-cost offerings and travel insurance is no exception. Compared to other insurers, DKB’s rates are often cheaper and still offer good coverage. The DKB travel insurances offer a variety of benefits, for example medical assistance abroad, accident or luggage insurances. In addition, there are also special offers, such as annual insurance for frequent travelers.

Advantages and disadvantages of DKB travel insurances

In today’s world, it is important to protect yourself from the risks of travel. One possibility for this is the DKB Reiseversicherung. But as with any insurance, there are advantages and disadvantages that should be weighed up.


Creating candidate personas: focus on applicants

As a recruiter, you face the challenge of finding the right candidates for a position. One way to target the needs of potential applicants is to create candidate personas. But what exactly is behind this term and how do you create successful personas??
A Candidate Persona is basically a fictional characterization of an ideal candidate. It is based on extensive research and describes characteristics, needs and expectations that can typically be found in a job candidate. In doing so, it represents a central basis for a targeted personnel marketing strategy.
Developing Candidate Personas can help you better understand applicants and address their needs more specifically. In this article, learn how to create a successful Candidate Persona and thus optimize candidate selection.

What are Candidate Personas and why are they important??

Creating candidate personas is a systematic approach to identifying the ideal candidates for a specific position in a company. This method is based on creating fictional characters that reflect the typical characteristics, skills, and experience of ideal candidates.


Pension splitting when raising children: an overview

Raising children is a challenge for many families. It requires time, energy and resources. One of the areas that is often neglected is financial security. If parents interrupt their careers to care for their children, this may reduce their retirement benefits. This is where pension splitting comes into play – a scheme that allows couples to share their pension entitlements, offsetting any financial disadvantages they may face.
What is pension splitting?
Pension splitting is a scheme in Germany that allows couples raising children to split their pension entitlements. Under this scheme, one spouse transfers some or all of the pension points they earned during the marriage to the other spouse. This strengthens the pension rights of the parenting spouse, who might receive a lower pension due to parenting time or part-time work.

The basics of pension splitting when raising children

Pension splitting is a proactive measure to support parents who take care of their children’s education. Essentially, pension splitting allows a parent to transfer a portion of their pension entitlement to their partner. This transfer takes the form of pension points and can help increase the pension entitlement of the care partner.


Slovakia tightens regulations for mortgage loans due to credit boom in january

The start of 2021 brought a credit boom to the Slovak mortgage market. This led Slovakia to introduce new rules for mortgage loans to prevent the market from overheating.

According to experts, these new regulations are necessary to provide adequate protection for borrowers while ensuring the stability of the financial system. The new rules are designed to ensure that potential borrowers can easily repay their loan over a longer period of time.


Rheumatism: a possible consequence of covid-19 infections or vaccinations

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the medical world is facing an unprecedented challenge. The disease is highly infectious and can lead to serious respiratory and pulmonary disease. While the acute infection passes, some patients may experience long-lasting symptoms and complications.

One possible consequence is the development of rheumatism – a serious inflammatory disease that can affect the joints and other organs. There is evidence that COVID-19 infections and/or vaccinations can increase the risk of rheumatism.


Corn silage qualities in 2021: a fluctuating record

The year 2021 features varied weather conditions, with high temperature fluctuations and heavy rain dominating. Harvesting corn is an important component of animal feed in the agricultural industry. Unfortunately, diverse climatic conditions result in significant variance in corn silage quality.

Corn silage is an important feed ingredient for dairy cows and beef cattle. However, poor quality can lead to low milk production, weight loss and other health problems. Farmers around the world are forced to adjust to differences in quality in order to properly care for their animals and effectively run the farm.


Android auto: an ultimate troubleshooting tip

Android auto: an ultimate troubleshooting tip

The integration of Android technology in the automotive sector has made Android Auto one of the most popular tools for drivers. With Android Auto, you can effortlessly make calls, send and receive messages, control music and navigation on your phone, and more.

Despite this, however, there are many cases where Android Auto doesn’t work as smoothly as it should, and many users face various problems. Whether it’s disconnections, Bluetooth issues, or other problems, it can be difficult to find a simple solution.


Introduction to common vascular interventional devices

Treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system often requires interventional catheter therapy. Vascular interventional devices are medical instruments used in performing these types of procedures. They enable endovascular treatment of vascular disorders and provide numerous options for restoring blood flow.
Several types of interventional devices are used in clinical practice to perform a targeted intervention. These include balloon catheters, stents, atheromectomy devices and thrombectomy devices. These tools offer clinicians the ability to customize therapy to achieve the best possible results.
This article introduces the main vascular interventional devices and explains how they are used in the treatment of vascular disorders. We look at how they work, their advantages and disadvantages, and discuss when they are best used. Allowing patients and clinicians to make informed decisions and choose the optimal treatment option.

Introduction to Common Vascular Interventional Devices

A catheter is a commonly used instrument in vascular interventions. A catheter is a thin tube inserted into a vein or artery to monitor blood flow or provide treatment. Catheters are available in different sizes and lengths and are selected according to the location of the intervention. They can be made of different materials, such as plastic, rubber or metal.


New ranking of the 10 most successful films and series

In today’s pop culture era, fascination with the latest movies and series is stronger than ever. Everyone dreams of following and enjoying the hottest trends in the entertainment industry. That’s why we’ve compiled a new list of the top 10 most successful movies and series to make sure you don’t miss any of the exciting new releases.

Our rankings are based on various factors such as revenue, audience ratings and media attention. We have made an effort to include a diverse selection of films and series from different genres and cultures to ensure that there is something for everyone’s taste.